SAP HR Security

  • 1 - 3 Hrs
  • Demo Date : 30 Jul 2020
  • Start Time : 10.30 AM
  • End Time : 2.00 PM


SAP HR Security Syllabus

SAP HR Security Syllabus
Introduction to HR system
Over view on HR Data
Types of HR Data – PA and PD Data
Info types & Sub Types
Authorization restrictions based on Info Types
HR Security related Authorization objects
HR Objects – Position, Org Unit, Cost Center
Indirect role assignment to users
Position based role assignment
Org Unit based Role assignment
Job based role assignment
Creating Communication Info type
Structural Authorizations
Necessity of Structural Authorizations
Creation of PD profiles
Direct & Indirect assignment of PD Profiles
Use of Context Authorizations
Other Topics
Tables related to HR Security
IMG settings related to Structural Authorizations
Programs related to HR Security

Demo Video